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Lifeboat and Embarkation ladder ISO:5489

Made of Hardwood.
Available from 1 meter up to ………….

Certificates of:

  • Marine Equipment Directive (M.E.D.) 5489


  • Solas 74 Convention as amended, Regulations III/4, III/ 11, III/34, X/3
  • IMO Res. MSC.36(63)-(1994 HSC Code)
  • IMO Res. MSC.48(66)-(LSA Code)
  • IMO Res. MSC.97(73)-(2000 HSC Code)
  • IMO Res. MSC.81(70)
  • ISO 5489 (2008)
  • All our wooden ladder steps are heat treated.
  • PTR Holland® only use FSC® wood for PTR’s manufactured Pilot & Embarkation ladders. Our aim is to make a difference by contributing responsibility to the rain forest environment. A worthy consideration when you select your rope ladder manufacturer.
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