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Fathom Safety – Preventing the accidents, delays and inspections
28 Mar2023

Fathom Safety – Preventing the accidents, delays and inspections

UK based company Fathom Safety has been established with the aim of preventing the accidents, delays and inspections associated with pilot transfer non-compliances. Their innovative electronic learning package covers all manner of pilot ladder safety training and cleverly tailors itself not only to the users role but also to the types of boarding arrangements with which they work. Founded by two working Humber pilots, Gary Clay & Andy Birley the duo hope that through “Education not Condemnation” they can change attitudes and standards towards the process of pilot transfer activities and prevent the prevalence of pilot ladder fatalities in the future.

In addition, working in conjunction with PTR Holland, they are also pioneering a pilot ladder management package that will combine their cutting-edge training with the high quality pilot ladders produced by PTR Holland. Their end-to-end pilot ladder programme offers a holistic service in which Fathom Safety will actively manage the vessels pilot ladders and pilot ladder training as well as providing an audit of each vessels boarding arrangements. They offer a 24 hour helpline as well as an accident investigator should a vessel suffer a pilot transfer accident.

To find out more about their pilot safety training product and the end-to-end service visit

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