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Billy Pugh Transfer Basket

PTR Holland ® Group sells Billy Pugh transfer baskets as well as around 12,000 other products for marine and offshore usage. We’ve been building embarkation and pilot ladders for more than thirty years because of which we have sufficient expertise and advice in the business. Next to the billy pugh transfer baskets, and embarkation and pilot ladders we also sell many other safety devices for the industry such as; gangway nets, marine tape, fall preventer devices, and many more. PTR Holland ® Group for Protection of life and property at Sea!

Billy Pugh Transfer Basket

The Billy Pugh transfer basket has the following advantages:

  • Overhead and outer protection
  • Step in positions and netted baggage area are improved
  • Transportation of wounded personnel is possible
  • Easy to store, collapsible
  • Models for 4-12 passengers
  • ABS approved
  • Quick exit
  • Passengers face inward
  • Cushions on the bottom for landing
  • Strong netting
  • Lightweight


If you’re interested in a Billy Pugh transfer basket please contact us using our contact form or by sending us an e-mail at You could also phone us on (+31)10 – 714 49 45.

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