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VPG pipe repair clamp

PTR Holland ® Group supplies around 12,000 products for the marine and offshore industry including the VPG pipe repair clamp. Next to the VPG pipe repair clamp we also sell products such as nets, safety and protection products, anti-piracy products and ladders.

VPG Pipe Repair Clamp

Using the VPG pipe repair clamp is the easiest and fastest way to repair pipe bursts and leaks on a temporary basis. It can be operated by one person and take less than sixty seconds to install. It has a completely self-contained design and therefore does not require any other tools. Perfect for use on ships to temporarily fix that leak until a better more long term solution can be found back on the mainland. As well as the VPG Pipe Repair Clamp re sell many other marine and offshore related products.


If you’re interested in the VPG pipe repair clamp or any of our other products please contact us using our online contact form or by sending us an email at We are also available by telephone on (+31)10 – 714 49 45.

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