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Pilot ladder

A good and trustworthy pilot ladder of PTR Holland is key for any and all cargo vessels, in order to (dis-)embark their pilot ships safely. If you want to be sure you get the right one for your vessel, take a look at our offers at PTR Holland. We have over 30 years of experience in making a pilot ladder, and supplying many other products while also participating in food-waste transport, PTR Holland has a simple motto which we live by: we do not just sell our products, we make sure we find the right one for you.

Pilot ladder in all shapes and sizes

At PTR Holland we do not just let you settle for a pilot ladder we advise you, we give you options and the possibility to get into contact with us to discuss what might be the best ladder for your vessel and use! We have several ladders for you to choose from, which can come in a range of sizes. There is a aluminum pilot ladder, certified by Lloyd’s Register, ABS and Det Norske Veritas Inspectorate, which can range from 1 meter to as long as you want it, we have an wooden pilot ladder, certified by the M.E.D. (the Marine’s) and the U.S. Coast guard. We also offer our Goliath model pilot ladder which has the same certifications as the wooden ladder but is made high impact, safety orange colored elastomer. These and many other products can be found at PTR Holland.

Climb on up and join the specialists!

Place your order at PTR Holland now or get more information and get into contact with us in order to secure that you get your product at the best price and most fitting for you. Call us at (+31)10 – 714 49 45.

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