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With a Norsenet of PTR Holland the safety of your property and life of your personnel will be ensured at sea. The nets are especially manufactured for applications on ships and other vessels, and can withstand all weather conditions. A Norsenet is made from raw materials and complies with all the requirements for safety. The net has an unparalleled strength. The Norsenets are manufactured with advanced machinery and state of the art techniques to ensure quality and durability. Do not hesitate any longer and contact us for the possibilities with a Norsenet!

A Norsenet for many applications at sea

A Norsenet is suitable for many applications at sea. If you are not sure whether or not to use one, then we would be glad to advice you about this. If it turns out that one of our other nets are better suitable, we will advise you to go with that one. We have many products (over 12.000 and counting) to ensure the safety of your property and the lives of your personnel at sea. We have over 30 years of experience in the marine and offshore industry.

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Do you have any questions about a Norsenet, our company or the possibilities we offer you? Then contact us immediately via (+31)10 – 714 49 45. Or place an order online today!

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