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Food waste commuter

PTR Holland ® Group provides many products for marine and offshore use, such as the food waste commuter. For over thirty years we’ve been producing embarkation ladders and pilot ladders for the maritime industry, we also sell around 12,000 other naval based products. As well as the food waste commuter, and embarkation ladders and pilot ladders we also sell safety and protection products, nets, various tapes and anti-piracy products.

Food Waste Commuter

The food waste commuter has the power and capacity to grind food waste that has been produced in areas such as the kitchen and the galley. Manual handling of food waste, which is often unhygienic and ineffective is no longer a problem. Food waste must be ground to a certain size on board ships before being permitted to be thrown overboard.  The Food Waste Disposer & Compactor 800-Excellent Series has the following certificates that comply with these rules:

l  Det Norske VERITAS(DNV)

l  Chinese Classification Society Certificate (CCS)

Installation packages are available for installing the food waste commuter into a working top or under a sink unit. If the disposer is to be stood separately it is installed into a cabinet.

As well as the food waste commuter we supply many other products for the marine and offshore industry.


If you’re interested in the food waste commuter or any of the other products available from us please contact us using our contact form or send us an email at You could also phone us on (+31)10 – 714 49 45.

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