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Marine & Offshore Solutions

Marine tapes

In order to ensure the safe arrival of your cargo and following all the rules and regulations properly, marine tapes of PTR Holland are vital products to have aboard. Highly adhesive and easy in order to seal hatches on a ship well and truly in any and all weather circumstances. PTR Holland supplies our customers with several different kinds of marine tapes to make sure that the tape is suited fully to the weather conditions your vessel will be exposed to, as well as different sizes of the tape, so it will become a perfect entirely adhesive fit.

Marine tapes and many other safety supplies for your vessels

PTR Holland is the best place to purchase your marine safety supplies to ensure your crew’s and property’s safety in their travels across the sea. You can be sure of the high quality of our products by checking all the official qualifications and recommendations they have received. PTR Holland also has, unlike our competition, an incredible amount of years of experience. For over 30 years PTR Holland has been in the maritime and offshore industries and all our years of experience enable us to make sure that we find the right marine tape for our customers!

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If you have become interested in our marine tapes, visit our online webshop to get a look at our assortment online. If you want more information or discuss what might be the best product for you, you can also always get into contact by calling (+31)10 – 714 49 45.

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