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New Option for 8 year X-904’s
01 Mar2016

New Option for 8 year X-904’s

When the X-904 was first introduced, we knew that it would be different than the X-800 series personnel nets in many ways. One such way was that we recommend that the X-800 be replaced after either one or two years depending on the amount of usage and also how the unit was stored. This was not to be the case with the X-904.

We determined that it would be a better option to allow the X-904 to not only have pre-use and 6 month inspections, but to also be refurbished after two years in the field. The main component (and expense) that we would be keeping in the refurbishment process was the aluminum frame that serves as the skeleton and superstructure of these devices. It is also the most costly part of the X-904.

We determined that due to wear and tear and cycling of the metal that the X-904 would need to be replaced after the 3rd refurbishment which equates to 8 years in the field.

Recently, we reviewed our Recommended Practice and determined that we could provide an additional option without compromising the safety of the device.

The X-904 is a three piece unit. This includes the center pole, the bottom ring and the top ring. The top ring is the most critical area of these three due to its critical role in the load bearing component of the X-904. We have determined that we can provide another option to replacement by providing our refurbishment stations with kits that are specifically designed for the 8 year refurbishment. These kits will not only have the normal parts necessary for a 2 year refurb but also include the top section of the frame that will be replaced during this 8 year refurbishment.

Customers will still have the option to replace their X-904 with a new unit after 8 years if they desire but now that can choose this new alternative as well.

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