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Important Safety message
07 Jan2016

Important Safety message

Dear all,

PTR HOLLAND was the original developer and inventor of the rope ladder clamping system.  We launched the product in 1984.

We have been copied many times over the years, but never matched !

Now it has been brought to our attention that companies in Istanbul/Izmir Turkey & Piraeus Greece are producing something that resembles our clamping system. That in itself is not a major issue – we are not concerned about healthy competition – but in this instance we see a product that uses incorrect materials and construction. In our opinion they are NOT SAFE and do not incorporate the safety features of the PTR Holland clamping system. Accidents could happen through this inferior system, which equally could be avoided by ensuring that you receive an original PTR Holland clamping system. The products from Turkey and Greece look very similar to the PTR Holland clamping system, but functionally they are not comparable – should you have any doubts please do not hesitate to contact us

PTR HOLLAND Group’s message and guarantee:

  1. Full warranty when used as intended.
  2. Certification (MED) up to 70 meters for our MED rope ladders, original BV. certificates will be provided.
  3. Same day Local deliveries: free of charge (to warehouses, not vessels)
  4. 24/7 support and deliveries is available.
  5. Go for the best, forget the rest.

Met Vriendelijke Groet, Kind Regards,


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